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Tiny Home #4 Lake Hartwell SC

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Tiny Home #4. This tiny home is a restored 1950 metal RV that comes with giant turtles, short horses (that horse has no legs) a dock, kayaks, and hosts that have all kinds of great stories about the multiple animals they’ve rescued (a bore that loves dogs, and sheep that jumped off the truck on the way to the slaughter house etc) you can also stay in their barn and or cabin on this gorgeous 60 acre farm! All the stars for this one!!! And for anyone that may need a retreat while traveling with their horse or any other animal, they can give you your own private barn and fresh pasture. With a fee, you can bring your dog but somehow I forgot to take pics of mine.... i blame the large amount of lake water i consumed due to being drug behind a boat. redneck ski.

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