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Tiny and Gay - Sylva / Whittier NC #8

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Random day. When viewing tiny homes turned into walking in a gay pride parade in small town north Cackalacki! No floats or bands or dancers or corporate sponsors. Just “follow that truck” down Main Street…. And the towns one black man with his boom box.

I was drawn to Western North Carolina but not sure where to go. So I booked a tiny home and appreciated the simplicity of the space along with the proximity to great adventures. I stayed in Whittier NC, which I knew nothing of, but explored the town along with other nearby towns. That's when I came across the second annual gay pride parade in Sylva which is only a few minutes away. It was awesome! I had a great time and enjoyed multiple conversations of former strangers now friends.

I explored several hiking trails and tried to book a river rafting trip but was cancelled due to rain. The tiny home was bigger than I expected and the location of the lot was a bit odd due to it being at a corner of a busy intersection, but this only made me explore the area vs. sitting on the porch. Overall - this was a quick weekend get-away that made me want to return!

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