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My first Tiny Travel - the ghost came free #1

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The first time I booked a last minute weekend getaway and dashed up to North Carolina to stay at a “Tiny Cabin on the River” but more like “Ancient rat nest sliding into a creek” that even the ghosts have chosen to abandon but accidentally left one behind. I found myself playing a constant game of “don’t touch the mouse poop” even in bed I played this delightful dance. Woke up to a ghost rambling on about something that I couldn’t understand due to his foreign language. If a ghost needs to tell me something, I prefer English. Or at least give me enough time to find my flash light (no power).... by the time I did find it, the light only revealed a creepy Indian doll on a stick that would not stop staring at me! I have a few potential reviews: 1- Bring grocery bags. The host uses a lot of them, along with tissue paper, to fill the multiple holes but somehow there’s plenty more to be filled! 2- If you like the idea of somehow living inside a spooky mildew sock, you’ll love it! 3- if your style of artwork is a dusty Indian doll propped up in a corner on top of a hiking stick, book now! 4- Are you considering camping but not 100% sure? Book here but have a tent in your car- you’ll quickly become a camper in no time! 5- Do you enjoy driving hours in circles bc the host makes you find a tree with a map of how to get to the cabin nailed to it with no copies for you? Then after wondering in the woods for too long with little to zero cell reception he then finally returns your 10th voicemail....that’s when you realize you’re supporting his meth addiction! He tried to recall if it was locked and if so where the key might be. It was t locked and I checked under all the rocks. No key nor would it matter bc the back door didn’t close. I rigged it up with a rake so if someone did enter, they would get a rake to the face! I’ll probably just give it 4/5 stars....

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